Kerrell Family History

Kerrell Lists    


Herbert James Kerrell's family tree

Sir Thomas Kyriel's family tree

Births from 1047-1941

Marriages from 1149-1936

Deaths from 1086-1980

Wills from 1393-1932

Abney Park Cemetery, London

Medieval Soldiers 1369 -1453


1. For privacy reasons, no living person is listed.

2. Family trees are a work in progress. Data before 1800 can be very unreliable.

3. Lists are in alphabetical name order. You can copy and paste into MS Excel to sort by date or place or link the lists.

4. If you see a person in the lists that could be one of your ancestors then you will need to check the details against appropriate records for the year and place indicated. Where there is no date displayed, you could try checking other event lists for dates.

4. The data in the trees and lists are not a complete record or warranted as accurate. The lists are supplied here as an aid to research and for no other purpose.